Kristin Anderssen

SpecialitySenior Advisor @ City of Oslo
LocationOslo, Norway

Senior Adviser for the City of Oslo’s Department of Business Development and Public Ownership, and a board member at Oslo Innovation Week (OIW). With a Law Degree from the University of Oslo and TTO class from IC2 in Austin, Texas. Works strategically to improve communication across the public silos and co-founded an Innovation Group across City Departments and Agencies. She works to lower the barrier between the private and the public sector, with focus on startups and international relations. Kristin works with International relations and facilitated International Reception for 250 guests at City Hall during Oslo Innovation Week 2019. She also enabled -from the Oslo City side -for the first Pakistan Tech Summit at OIW2019. Project manager for KOSC( In connection with OIW 2016 (Power coupling) four Startups from Karachi, Pakistan, won a month’s stay in Startup Lab in Oslo. This was a collaboration between TelenorGroup, ICT Norway, StartupLab and MAKorg and KITE. Project manager for #Oslo and friends- a three day event where the Oslo showed its innovation power, during OIW 2017. Project manager of the MOUs the City of Oslo has with Austin, Texas and Hackney, London. Instrumental in the creation of Tøyen Startup Village, after inspiration from our Hackney Cooperation in London. And after inspiration from Austin got Food Trucks out on the streets of Oslo

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