Jamie's Food Tube: The BBQ Book - DJ BBQ
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Jamie's Food Tube: The BBQ Book


  • Release Date: 2015-07-02
  • Genre: Techniques


Hone your grill skills for the barbecue season with Jamie Oliver's ultimate guide from his Food Tube channel . . .

This is a collection of 50 incredible recipes that'll change the way you barbecue, from Food Tube's own barbecue expert, DJ BBQ.

'With the recipes in this book, DJ BBQ's super-fun videos on Food Tube and a little bit of his heart and soul, your barbecue will never be the same again' Jamie Oliver

This is the short and sweet cookbook that's to the point and super indulgent: containing 50 of the best recipes that you'll reach for every time you barbecue.

From meat to fish to veg and sides, plus a whole load of useful tips and cooking techniques that will appeal to outdoor cooks everywhere whether you're already an expert or just starting out.

DJ BBQ's smokin' hot recipes include:

- Cherry-Wood Smoked Chicken
- Scallops with chilli garlic butter
- Bodacious Burgers
- Classic Texas Brisket
- Pulled Pork
- Kick-Ass Fish Tacos and Grilled Tomato Slabs

Learn how to transform your barbecue with all the heat of The BBQ Book, and throw together a feast that will tempt everyone back for seconds.